Where Should a Thesis Statement Be Placed

The idea of a thesis statement in your writing is so that your work is given the proper guidelines and analysis regarding your chosen topic. However, where does a thesis statement go in the write-up? Should the thesis statement be included in the conclusion, introduction, or body of your work? Where is a thesis statement located? Many writers also ask; can thesis statements be two sentences? This can be and often poses a challenge to many writers.

Where is the Thesis Statement located?

The thesis statement is usually regarded as a part of your introduction. This is because it acts as a general overview of whatever will be discussed in your work. In an argumentative essay, the thesis statement states the point that you’ll be arguing for or against. However, where is the thesis located in an essay and where should a thesis statement appear in an essay? In an analytical essay, it breaks down the topic into smaller components for easier analysis. In an explanatory essay, the thesis statement does the job of unveiling what information you would like to cover. Further, it helps your reader grasp the content of your work. Seeing that the thesis statement plays an introductory role in your writing, it is often located in the introduction of your work.

Does the Thesis Statement have to be in the First Paragraph?

Where should the thesis statement be placed in your work? The points given in a write-up are arranged in paragraphs with each paragraph expressing different ideas. Your thesis statement placement depends on the introductory paragraph. The first and last paragraphs are supposed to be the introductory and concluding paragraphs respectively. Hence, it is safe to say that your thesis statement has to be in the first paragraph; that is, the introductory paragraph. If you’re wondering “where does your thesis statement go”, it shouldn’t be the first sentence in your opening paragraph. Rather, it should be the last sentence that ushers the reader to the body of your work.

Can a Thesis Statement be Multiple Sentences?

In addition to asking questions like; where should a thesis statement appear and where is the thesis located?” people ask how many sentences a thesis should be. The complexity and broadness of your topic go a long way to determine how your thesis statement would look like. You may have to construct a thesis statement that exceeds one sentence to properly cover all that concerns your topic. Either way, ensure that it isn’t too long, and it contains only important details.

Where Does your Thesis go?

Where should the thesis go? Where should the statement be placed in a write-up? The place where thesis statement is located in your writing is at the closing part of your introduction, and not at the main conclusion of your work. Now that you have the correct information on thesis statement placement, you do not have to keep asking “where does the thesis statement go?” Start placing your thesis statements the right way.

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