How to Write an Analytical Thesis: Total Guide

An analytical thesis is a thesis used in an analytical essay or writing. It aims to analyze an event, a character, or action critically. The goal of an analytical thesis is to expand the topic of the essay, mentioning everything that would be covered in the work. Often, people make a lot of mistakes when […]

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Literary Analysis Essay

Many people would read a literature work for fun or purely educational purposes. However, it isn’t so fun when you have to formulate a thesis statement for a literary analysis essay. Find out everything you need to know about how to write a thesis for literary analysis. What is a literary analysis essay? A literary […]

Where Should a Thesis Statement Be Placed

The idea of a thesis statement in your writing is so that your work is given the proper guidelines and analysis regarding your chosen topic. However, where does a thesis statement go in the write-up? Should the thesis statement be included in the conclusion, introduction, or body of your work? Where is a thesis statement […]

Analytical Thesis Statement Examples for You

There are different types of thesis statements, each one performing different functions to reach similar goals in writing. Analytical writing as the name implies is a form of writing that analyses a topic or subject matter from different points of view. If you’re writing an analytical essay, it is required that you include the pros, […]

How to Write an Explanatory Essay: Intro, Structure, Sample

Writing an explanatory essay appears to be quite easy for many writers. This is primarily because of the nature of an explanatory essay as an expository form of writing. However, many people may find difficulty properly structuring and beginning their writing. To top it off, they cross the boundary of informative writing and venture into […]